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It is increasingly important for us to continuously review the activities we undertake, against a criteria relating to the protection of the environment and climate change.

Demand from consumers worldwide for leather gloves and accessories fits neatly with the need to utilize renewable natural resources, rather than deplete finite ones.  In creating leather gloves and accessories out of leather hides, we are helping to maintain a natural and renewable resource that is a by-product of the food industry.  Leather is a non-hazardous, healthy material with natural beauty.  It is for this reason it has retained its premier position in the manufacture of accessories, clothing, gloves and shoes for hundreds of years.

The manufacture of leather goods can be seen as a process of turning what would otherwise be waste material into something useful, in addition to providing essential employment and capital for both third world and developed economies.  If leather were not put to this use, it would quickly become a considerable environmental health hazard.

It is important to remember that leather is a natural, renewable resource, on a worldwide scale.